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Georgia Kinship Project Inc.

Georgia Kinship Project Inc. was founded in October 2020 by Deja Thomas-Williams. The organization was created in response to a statewide need for kin and relative caregiver resources. Georgia Kinship Project responded by examining the current resources available to relative caregivers in DFCS region 6 and surrounding areas. During this evaluation, our founder learned there were few resources available for kin caregivers. In response to the assessment of resources, we sought to identify ways to meet kin caregiver needs. Common themes from caregivers included a need for educational training, practical resources such as car seats and diapers, as well as mental health and wellness resources. We also learned that there is a need for resource development teams exclusively for kin families. We responded by providing IMPACT, home studies, CPR classes, and Continuing Education classes. We aim the address these needs through our three programmatic areas. Those areas include educational training, caregiver outreach resources, and foster home development resources. 


Committed to the Relative Caregivers of Georgia

Georgia Kinship Project's mission is to address the disparities for relative caregivers temporarily or permanently caring for relative children. Our goal is to implement parent support services and reduce the likelihood of a child re-entering foster care while safely remaining with relative caregivers until a safe return to biological parents can be achieved.

The Georgia Kinship Project envisions a community that recognizes the importance of family and relative connections for positive outcomes of children living in out of home arrangements.

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